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Thesis Bootcamp

Date of the Bootcamp: 19th - 21st October https://gradresearch.unimelb.edu.au/preparing-my-thesis/writing-the-thesis https://gradresearch.unimelb.edu.au/preparing-my-thesis/thesis-with-publication

Please provide a brief description of your research area/interests as relevant to your thesis:

PhD Title: Transparency and Reproducibility of Decision Support Tools in Ecology and Conservation. This includes fields, such as: meta-research / meta-science, open science, conservation decision-making, structured decision making and decision theory / decision analysis, as well as ecological modelling.

Why would you like to participate in the Thesis Boot Camp? What do you hope to achieve during the Thesis Boot Camp? Please be specific e.g. chapter number, word count

My goal in attending the boot camp is to make some progress towards producing research outputs suitable for confirmation time (late November this year). I hope to write up some preliminary work I have been doing on Questionable Research Practices (QRPs) in applied ecology and conservation decision-making. This work will be divided into two parts: 1. A pre-registration submission to PLOS for an upcoming survey of ecological modellers on the prevalence and impacts of relevant QRPs (2000-3000 words) 2. A literature review of QRPs for non-hypothetico deductive research, focussing on three methodological areas in applied ecology and conservation decision-making: a. Bayesian modelling, b. Species Distribution Modelling, c. Multiple models and model selection (~5000 words).

How many chapters or sections of your thesis have you written so far? Please be specific e.g the actual chapter, word count

So far I have no complete chapters written up. I do have ~5500 word research proposal report written up from the 6-month pre-confirmation meeting. Sections of this include several short literature reviews, which can be included (with some changes) into the final thesis.