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pre-print Sound Inference in Compliacted Research: A Multi-Strategy Approach

Whole article: addresses the problem of people categorically dismissing pre-registration, especially in ecology.

Pre-reg can address all sorts of biases, examples of complicated research and what this might mean were good.

Conceptual Framework: Also good, liked their use of Loken and Gelman. Have been leaning towards this thinking for my own rok.

What do you think about trying this in a case study paper? A demonstration of pre-reg for ‘complicated research’ would that be a useful contribution? Want to illustrate how some of these ideas could be used in eco/evo. Or should my work be more empirical?

Although I think the paper makes important headway in extending pre-registration to what it calls ‘complicated research’, I think that –at least in ecology – researchers will still be largely skeptical of the applicability of pre-registration. What do you think about the idea of

The multi-strategy approach is a good suggestion, and the paper proposes a collection of strategies that researchers can implement in order to achieve pre-registration.

I’d be interested in leading a discussion at QAECO’s reading group early next year.