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meeting april 12 2018

Planning the projects and the scope of the Phd (and the format for the thesis):

  • Perfectly acceptable to have disparate projects / papers comprising the thesis, and bound together with a good introduction and conclusion.
  • Don’t have to choose between different projects.

Good to try and sit with that tension, and not having to resolve it by having a neat / tightly fitting narrative thesis.

Hannah: working on structured decision making tool with Libby. Would appreciate having guidance on how to avoid reproducibility issues / QRPs during the process.

Thursdays sit in with Fiona and Hannah.

Where to start to begin picking up momentum again: - just start at the easiest point…. Have done a lot of work on the systematic review plan, let’s start there.

Time for advisory committee meeting: - send email off…. week of the 28th of May.