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first chapter

Libby has suggested an idea for the first chapter. It would be a data-based review of reproducibility issues facing decision support tools and ecological models. It would require not simply applying existing criteria for reproducibility, but would require generating criteria appropriate to DST’s and ecological models. Maybe some existing criteria apply. Maybe some don’t.

First chapter initial steps:

  • identify why reproducibility is important for ecological models / decision support tools
  • Generate a list of reproducibility criteria: - review issues facing devt of ecological models - review literature on reproducibility in ecology / conservation in general
  • Generate a set of DST’s / models to apply the list to
  • Figure out a way of scoring the models
  • Apply the list and score the models


Are models / studies developed within a structured framework, such as Structured Decision Making, or perhaps MCDA (multi-criteria-decision-analysis), more reproducible?

See paper: [@AdemEsmail:2018jf]